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A self-described visual artist, Greg is a Cinematographer currently living in Winnipeg, MB, Canada. His foray into the film world began as a child in France. He vividly remembers going to the theatre multiple times a week and getting goosebumps every time the opening intros would play. This obsession developed into a passion as a teenager when he participated in several screenwriting competitions and worked as a journalist covering film festivals.
He relocated to Canada years later and continued his film journey as a Technician. His love of film has taken him all across Canada from Montreal to Vancouver and in between. He has worked on many French Canadian, International, and large budget productions in film, TV, and commercials. Always eager to learn, Greg took advantage of any downtime between projects to work as a Technical Manager on live captions for Cirque du Soleil and Just for Laughs.
As an avid traveler, Greg realized his keen flair for photography while traveling the world. With an inherent interest in landscape and lifestyle portraits, Greg now uses photography as a tool to develop his cinematography's style, which leans toward a more "natural" approach to lightning.
While working alongside Internationally awarded Directors of Photography, Greg started to shoot as a Cinematographer on various indie projects (music videos, commercials, artsy projects, and short films).
His collaboration on the short film « Sacred Hairs » by Mario Morin was a big breakthrough for his career as a Cinematographer with several awards (Cleveland film festival, Shorts-Shorts films in Tokyo, Providence film festival, Edmonton Mosker Festival, LA shorts...) and being part of the last 10 movies selected for the Short film nominations list of the Oscar 2019.
Greg moved to Winnipeg in 2019 and landed the cinematographer’s job on his first feature film “Hunter Hunter” directed by Shawn Linden. He then had a collaboration with Guy Maddin on “the Rabbit Hunter” a tribute short for Fellini. Greg has been consistently working alongside Canadian an international directors as a cinematographer on several TV movies for lifetime and Hallmark channels , two independent features and two tv shows. One of his recent lifetime movies with Simone Stock is currently nominated for best TV movie at the 2024 Canadian Screen awards.

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